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How To Get More Sales From Your Online Store In 2022

Do you want to get more online sales in 2022? If this is the case, you are not alone. Business owners in various industries have recognized the benefits of having an eCommerce website.

Having an eCommerce website has become an essential part of the global shopping scene, particularly in the post-Covid19 era. People are increasingly turning to the digital space. To get a piece of the pie, it’s a good idea to start an online business.

When it comes to understanding how to grow an online business, there are many eCommerce marketing strategies that can play a part in building brand awareness, generating website traffic, and driving sales.

That’s why we’ve compiled together a list of some awesome eCommerce website marketing tactics ready to boost your business growth for 2022.

Let’s get started.

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1. Build your brand awareness

We don’t need to tell you that increasing brand awareness is a tough undertaking. After all, 89% of marketers claim brand awareness is their number one goal. But we can tell you something you might not know: there are some realistic strategies you can implement to increase brand awareness.

If you want to increase sales volume, the first and foremost thing you should do is to build your brand authority & affinity. If you want to consistently win, you should focus on a clear and consistent brand message. Your sales will be affected by how you position yourself as a business.

Questions to consider:

  • How to measure brand awareness?
  • Which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?
  • How to increase brand awareness?

2. Understand your customer’s pain points.

Having a clear sense of who your target customer is is crucial in a long-haul play. It holds the answer for online brands with a desire to meet the customers’ demand, thus increasing online sales.

Specifically, conducting market research and creating buyer personas are two important things worth spending your time on.

3. Make use of ads

In today’s digital age, it’s essential to take advantage of the full force of digital marketing to increase sales volume. If you put up tons of capital into marketing strategies to increase sales volume but still can’t reach potential customers, you are failing to make good use of your money.

Using ads, you can create and target detailed buyer personas by creating custom ads. You can twist ads to appeal to custom audiences. For instance, smartphones can appear mostly on the newsfeed of people aged from 16 to 60 years old. You can also track all of the pages they visit, and the products they click on, and automatically send targeted offers based on their activity.

4. Optimize SEO

The holy grail of online marketing is ranking at the top of Google. SEO can help you drive tons of traffic and online sales with low marketing spending.

SEO helps your website become more discoverable. When potential customers search terms related to your brand, they’ll have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

5. Diversify sales channels

It seems obvious that if you want to get a high sales volume, you should sell on as many channels as possible. The more times you reach the customers, the higher chance they will make a purchase.

To skyrocket your sales, you can consider going for multi-channel retail or integrating your current eCommerce platforms with a marketplace, such as linking Etsy to Facebook or integrating Shopify with WordPress…

7. Focus on the website’s user experiences

Customers stay on your page for just 15 seconds. Therefore, having your website is key to increasing online sales. Be helpful and personalize the experience.

You should pay attention to on-page elements, how it looks, and how it works. Putting the call to action (CTA) at the right placement, improving website navigation, and using appealing headings are some recommendations. Besides, you should provide product details and information in a clear and concise manner.

90% of information sent to the brain is visual. It stands to reason that your site should include a wide range of high-quality images. You should consider adding videos to your top landing pages as it can result in an increase in conversions averaging 86%, thus resulting in an increase in sales volume.

In a nutshell, a well-structured website design will look great, work well, and help to convert more.

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Benefits of Online Selling.

1. Huge Potentials

The use of digital channels keeps increasing. As you may know, in 2020, over 2.05 billion people bought goods and services online. This number is expected to climb to 2.14 billion in 2021. During the same year, eCommerce sales amounted to $4.2 trillion worldwide.

Besides, online businesses can be opened 24/7 throughout the year. Therefore, you can maximize your profits as you can sell anytime, from anywhere, no matter whether it is midnight or early morning.

2. Fast Go-to-Market Time & Low Cost

Launching an online store is simpler and cheaper than kicking off a traditional one. Many eCommerce platforms, especially hosted ones such as Shopify or BigCommerce, provide you with a comprehensive package to get off the ground quickly.

Rather than paying large upfront investments that traditional retail can incur, building an eCommerce business is much more affordable. 

3. Easy to Expand

eCommerce selling can take on many different formats with different sources of customers. You can build and maintain your online presence on multiple platforms or integrate your eCommerce platform with marketplaces. 

If you opt for an eCommerce solution, such as Woocommerce is free and it enables you to connect your audience with the right offer and to easily expand your online business. On the other hand, when you drive a traditional brick-and-mortar store, your business growth will cost you a pretty penny.


Get Ready to See an Increase in Your Online Sales

Whether you’re just considering opening a shop or you want to increase your sales, arming yourself with the right tools and plugins can make a huge difference.

While planning everything out, don’t forget that your Website is not only to attract leads. In fact, your main motive should not be just to make one-time sales. Instead, keep your eye out on making repetitive sales and persuading your customers to keep coming back for more. Make sure that you optimize your website keeping all these things in mind.

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