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5 Blog Ideas for your eCommerce site

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Most eCommerce businesses use SEO, social media, and paid advertising to attract consumers to their online store. However, one of the most cost-effective ways to boost online visibility is through a BLOG. Our eCommerce blog ideas can improve your search engine rankings, build your reputation, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

A blog can be a great marketing tool for your eCommerce site. It gives you the possibility to tell readers all about your brand, products, and company. Plus, by blogging on a regular basis you’ll increase the chances of your site ranking in the search results.

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Not sure what to write about on your blog? Use the following ideas as a handy checklist for inspiration. These essential blog post topics can be adapted for any eCommerce blog.

So, why should you Blog?

It might seem like a lot of work, but maintaining a blog on your eCommerce site is definitely worth your time. A blog allows your audience to learn more about your brand and products. You’ll be able to tell the story of your brand and products from your own perspective and inform your audience about new ideas or plans you might have. This builds trust between you and your audience and increases their engagement.

Maintaining a blog contributes to SEO as well. Every time you publish a new blog post to your eCommerce site, you’re adding fresh content. Which Google loves. You can use these blog posts to answer questions your potential customers have (and for which your products offer a solution). Or use them to show your expertise on topics that are related to your business. By blogging regularly and using the right keywords, your blog will help increase the overall rankings of your eCommerce site. Including your product pages.

5 eCommerce Blog ideas

So, a blog can help your audience find you online. But maintaining it can be hard. You’ll have to keep coming up with new and unique ideas for your eCommerce blog. Above that, you’ll want to create awesome content to make sure that your audience keeps returning to your site. So, let’s start with a first and quite essential step in creating and maintaining your eCommerce blog: keyword research.

1. keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the 5 ecommerce blog ideas

You can write about whatever you want on your blog, but before you start, it’s important to do proper keyword research. Keyword research will help you understand which search terms your audience uses, and therefore which search terms you want to be found on. You might have an idea of the search terms you want your site or products to be found on, but make sure to research them to make sure you’re using the right ones.

You can Google the keyword you came up with to check the searches Google suggests (while you’re typing). Or use tools such as Google Trends to research how often your search term is used compared to similar terms. But keyword research is so much more. And if you spend the time to do it properly, this will pay off by providing you with a list of focus keywords that will help you rank for the right search terms.

2. Current events and news

A great way to come up with new topic ideas for your eCommerce blog is by following current events and writing about them. Keep an eye on different news sites and write posts in which you give your view or expertise on news in your niche. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can even set up alerts for specific topics. And if a holiday or event is coming up, write a post about how your products could be used during that holiday or event.

Current events give you input on topics to write about, and the fun part is that you’re writing about something people are interested in at that moment. Because it’s happening now. And if it’s an important event in your niche (or in general), that means that your audience will be probably want to read more about this topic.

3. Audience questions or comments

Questions and comments is one of the 5 ecommerce blog ideas

Every customer has specific questions about your industry, products, or services. It might seem a bit scary at first, but giving readers the possibility to leave comments on your blog is a great way to get input for new posts. Inviting people to leave comments on your blog, means you will probably receive feedback and questions. Which you can use to determine what subjects your audience wants to know more about and what you can write your new blog post on.

Also, these blog idea posts not only help to solve common customer problems, they can also boost your search rankings, as the questions in the title often match search engine queries from your target audience.

4. Add a personal touch

Writing blog posts allows you to add a personal touch to your site, brand and your company. One way to do this is by showing the authors of your blog. Let your readers get to know the people who write your blog posts and their expertise. By giving your blogs a personal touch, you’re giving your brand a face that people can relate to. That helps people connect to your company and might even convince them to return to your online shop.

5. Stories about your products

Your product page might be the perfect place to describe your product, but your blog is a perfect place to share stories about your product. If you sell cleaning supplies, write blogs about which stains are best removed with which one of your products. If you sell kids clothes, write blog posts about children playing while wearing your clothes. And don’t underestimate the importance of photos, so make sure to add lots of them! If you don’t have any, try to add images that are related to your business or brand to liven up your posts.

Tell stories about the different ways people can use your products and make these stories informative and entertaining. Show people why they should buy your stuff instead of telling them they should buy it.

Another great way to do this is by asking your customers to share their stories. Ask them about their experiences with your products and if they have photos you’re allowed to share on your site. With the permission of these customers, you can write beautiful blog posts based on their experiences.

Let’s get Blogging!

As I said in the introduction of this post, a blog can be a great marketing tool for any eCommerce site. And should, therefore, be part of your eCommerce SEO strategy. It will allow you to get more people to your site, increase their engagement, and present your brand and company the way you want to be seen. But blogging takes time. I hope these 5 eCommerce blogging ideas for your brand will provide you with enough input to start and maintain an awesome blog!

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