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How to market your business using Instagram in Nigeria

Instagram is a popular social media platform in Nigeria, with millions of users. Users can upload images, videos, gifs, texts, and live streams to the platform. Instagram marketing includes using tactical techniques to reach a certain target audience using the Instagram platform.

Instagram has shown to be quite effective in boosting sales for businesses in Nigeria. There are few businesses in Nigeria that don’t have a website or a physical location but make a lot of money on Instagram.

With the high number of active users on Instagram, you can promote your brand and gain a high conversion rate. However, there are a couple of things you need to do to grasp the marketing benefits of using Instagram. You need to pay quality attention to your content and draft a good strategy to increase your business’s visibility.

Here are a few Instagram marketing tips for your businesses in Nigeria.

Set Goals and Objectives

Setting reasonable and time-bound goals is the first step in increasing your Instagram sales. Define your objectives for using Instagram marketing. Answering the question “What do I want to achieve?” is key, especially for Nigerian startups and small enterprises. Determine what is important to you and your business and how you will achieve it. Create brand awareness, debut a new product, maximize your local reach and exposure, have high interaction, drive traffic to your website, or make sales through the app. Once you’ve decided on the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve through the platform, you can go to work on meeting them.

Switch to Business Account

After you’ve defined your goals and objectives for your Instagram marketing strategy, you should switch to an Instagram business account to achieve the best results. Certain optimizations in a business account will assist you in branding and marketing your business. You must handle your Instagram account as a commercial area rather than a personal one. The extra features have a variety of advantages. For example, on the business account, your followers can contact you by clicking the contact option. Business accounts also make it simple to create Instagram ads to reach your target audience. There are also a few analytics tools available to help you better understand your audience and reach them.


Content is a crucial component of any Instagram marketing plan. You must pay close attention to the quality of content you publish on your page. Quality content would always result in a higher conversion rate for any Nigerian business. You must evaluate what you’re giving (product), your audience, company objectives, brand message, and how well you can express them when creating content. Most businesses in Nigeria make the mistake of ignoring content creation when it comes to Instagram marketing. You should create an Instagram content schedule with catchy and relevant themes for each day. Themes can include motivation quotes, generic content, business adverts, testimonials, customer appreciation, quizzes/ puzzles, brand messages, and lots more. 

The method of message dissemination should also be considered. It could be through texts (captions), images, infographics, or videos. A proper content strategy gives your customers quality information about your business, product/service, and makes them feel welcomed.

Instagram Ads

You must spend money to establish a good online space, just as you would for a physical store. As much as content is important, advertising is also required. Advertising helps you draw your audience’s attention to your page, while your content keeps them interested. In order to set up Instagram ads, you must first consider your goals, make a cost-effective budget, and have intriguing content on your page. Think Digiads can assist you with developing cost-effective Instagram advertising that will help your business.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Making use of relevant hashtags can give your business the right visibility it needs. When hashtags are used properly, they will give your business good exposure and bring the right audience for your brand. The hashtags must be related to your business or popular occasions that trend on Instagram. So when a user is searching through a particular trend, they can see your business page. It is, however, important to stay away from controversial hashtags to avoid a crisis.

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Don’t Over-post

One reason businesses lose followers on Instagram is because they spam their user’s feeds with too much content. Over-posting is a huge turn-off to your existing followers and would only make you lose customers. Post only a few contents at a time, and spread them out through the week. If you are tempted to post a lot of pictures, you can make use of the carousel album feature on Instagram that allows you to post multiple images in a slideshow format.

Instagram is a suitable social media platform to reach your audience and make good sales. You can make the best use of the Instagram platform as well as other social media platforms to gain visibility, exposure, and a high conversion rate. ChordDigital can help you with all your social media marketing needs and take your business to a better level. We have experts in social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. Contact us today to get started. 

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